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Month: March, 2018

It’s Big Boobs and Big Discount Time Again!

I have to get this off my chest real quickly first. As a person with a few tattoos myself and perhaps I don’t have the largest pain threshold in the world, but in some areas it is pretty damn painful. I can not begin to imagine what that flower garland tattoo must have felt like virtually right on her punani.

This is one of my absolute favorites. Usually its “get big tits with this Scoreland discount” just to use a network at random, but this time we’ve managed to negotiate 90+ sites and networks and slapped them all together in a Big Tits Discount compendium.

Some sites has been generous to the point of more than 80% discount off their regular rate which is insane if you think about it. Just imagine your landlord told you that you only have to pay a fifth of your rent next month!